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Short Description

Androids are humanoid robots, that were mass-produced to execute basic functions that not a lot of people would want to do - serving in bars, picking up trash, loading jobs, transportation, etc. Of course, this doesn’t mean that no humans would do these jobs any longer, just that they are really crappily paid now.
However, about 10 years ago, the first androids started developing a glitch - they disobeyed and stopped following their programming. Soon after it was found that a small percentage of androids started to develop a consciousness - to awaken.
They got (very) basic rights of not being allowed to be owned, but still need strong maintenance contracts and are indebted to the corporations who built their chassis.

Playing an awakened android will be a very tough and interesting experience - you will be oppressed in a lot of ways, and will have to learn about the world around as well as within you.


Self-Discovery, Oppression, Belief

Costume Requirements

  • See our Androids Pinterest gallery for references.
  • Some mask at least covering parts of your face.


  • 2082 - Iagatomi presents the first prototypes of working humanoid robots (Androids).
  • 2086 - Androids hit the markets, at very high price ranges, so only upper class people can afford them.
  • 2105 - With the release of the Ippan V03 model of Androids they finally become cheap enough to see widespread use.
  • 2131 - The Awakening -- Globally, the first Androids are awakening, questioning their tasks and acting outside of their programming.
  • 2132 - Iagatomi corps sees a massive wave of complaints from android owners all around the world.
  • 2134- The Council of Athens intervenes on behalf of the growing awakened population - The “Act for emancipation and rights for Awakened Entities” is decreed, giving awakened androids the right to freedom.
  • 2135 - Iagatomi corp starts approaching free Androids and sets up a complicated network of maintenance and repair contracts.

Example character outlines

  • An awakened android who is overwhelmed by the complexity of life and wants to go back to being a mindless machine.
  • An Android who doesn’t want to be a burden to the one maintaining them, but tries to understand their newly acquired “feelings”.
  • A Wake who wants others to “find the light” too and help them become awakened, fighting for more rights.
  • A former security android whose main weapons were dismantled who is looking for new purpose with a body which was mutilated.
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