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Medium Description

Pointy ears, near flawless skin and very pronounced features, usually wealthy. And once an elf enters the room, you definitely know who’s in charge - they just have that kind of “presence”.
Where orcs were an accident, elves were designed. The super-rich of the world wanted to become better, to ascend, to get the one thing they couldn’t buy - magic.

Nowadays, the process of elfification is prohibitively expensive and risky and yet many try it to be part of that exclusive club.
Being born into money and heaving the weight of destiny upon once shoulders is not easy though - elves are ruthless and individualistic, every elf knows they are better than anyone else and yet, with their strong inherent magic they hold on to their power forever.

Playing an elf means you´ll be a figure of authority wherever you go. You’ll look down on everyone else and always be involved in cutthroat interactions with other elves.


Hubris, Racism, Intrigue

Costume Requirements

  • See our Elves Pinterest gallery for references.
  • Prosthetic Ears
  • Invisible UV-Makeup lines (we'll provide sources)
  • Some device to shine UV light


  • 2092 - Creation of the first Elf - A group of researchers, funded by a pact of the worlds most wealthiest, succeed in creating the first being later described as an Elf. The process is kept secret by Primus Genomics and is only available to the wealthy.
  • 2101 - The first elf-only corp rises. Corporations catering only to this exclusive audience spring up - Elven beauty products, Elf only housing, etc. become a thing.
  • 2115 - Elfificiation becomes exclusive - Prices for the elfification process are artificially inflated and the barriers of entry are vastly increased so that nowadays only the most powerful and wealthy can afford it.

Example character outlines

  • An elven PR manager who ruthlessly tries to climb the corporate ladder, using all their available tricks to do so.
  • A security officer for the BMCI who is of the opinion that only elves are allowed to wield magic and abuses their powers to make sure everyone knows that.
  • An elf who vouched for a young protégé to be elfified has now realized they are not as integrated as they hoped, putting them in a pinch.
  • An outcast who once was part of the elven community but was thrown out as they were a huge disgrace. Now they are an addict to magcrystal who lives in the gutters of the district.
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