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Medium Description

Only a small percentage of beings (apart from elfs) ever have magical powers - and it is not clear how exactly they awaken. In fact, some humans can enact magic with certain rituals or actions. Done properly, this can do wonderous things like mind control or healing. Done wrongly and without care, it can utterly drain the wielders life force, leaving them a husk of themselves.

There are as many different opinions about mages as there are people in the world - some hate them, some think there should be more, some want them eradicated while others think they are a marvel of our society.

Usage of magic is highly controlled and every human mage needs to be registered for all their capabilities.


Power, Responsibility, Exclusion

Costume Requirements

  • See our Mages Pinterest gallery for references.
  • White, UV-reactive lines on face and/or hands. (We'll provide sources)
  • Some way of shining UV light when casting magic.


  • 2072 - The Upturn - Magical rituals and spiritual rites start to slowly show noticeable effects.
  • 2074 - The Growth - Crystals with inherent energy slowly start growing all over the globe.
  • 2087 - Hawthorne's Anthology is released - A scientific approach to magical rituals and how they work, is published, causing a wide-spread acknowledgment of the new powers.
  • 2088 - Surge of Crystal Mining - With the crystals powers revealed, a huge new industry is formed, mining and refining the precious resource.
  • 2092 - Birth of the first elf - The first success in artificially improving humans and imbuing them with magic occurs and creates the first elf.
  • 2101 - Council Registration - The Council of Athens enacts the GRIM act (General Registration and Identification of Magical activities) under which all mages must register their powers.

Example character outlines

  • A street mage working as a private security contractor for small businesses, just wanting to be left alone.
  • A crowd control mage, who is working for a security corporation and is shunned by their peers for their powers.
  • A young mage, who wants to keep their powers secret, as they do not want to leave their family, hence trying to stay unregistered and under the radar.
  • A mage working for a large corporation who is being put on the limit of their skills, being pushed more and more until they finally break.
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