Ork Gangs


Medium Description

While there are orks outside of a life of crime, many people directly associate gangs with orks. Greylight has two small Ork Gangs who have “peacefully” co-existed, but that truce is in danger of collapsing.
They generally live in areas unwanted by other citizens or the big corps and really mostly want to be left in peace. Their highest good is freedom - which is something they frequently exercise when dealing with citizens (stealing, destroying, etc.). But amongst themselves, there are many that vie for change, many that think that orks should integrate better and are only pushed to a life of crime.
Orks have very strong bonds to each other - they value respect, something that can not only be earned by strength, but also through intelligence, wit and charisma.

Playing in the Ork Gang will give you a strong sense of community, while at the same point putting you on the receiving end for much of the oppression and racism happening in this world.


Racism, Camaraderie, Freedom


  • 2131 - Crime becomes more and more rampant in the District, several smaller Ork Gangs vie for control
  • 2134 - The Bloodied Tusks start to expand under an ambitous leader, annhilating and merging with several of the smaller gangs.
  • 2139 - The Red Claws have ramped up their drug business enough to be a serious threat to the other ork gangs.

Example character outlines

  • The young ork who wants to prove himself and will inevitably do something very stupid.
  • The old shaman who has seen too much pain and suffering in their lifetime and wants to use their authority to convince their comrades of a peaceful future.
  • The human gang member who got in for their quick thinking and incredible strength, but always is excluded based on their race.
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