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Medium Description

What do you get when you try to genetically modify human DNA to create the perfect worker, soldier, the ultimate athlete? Correct, an accident causing a rampaging retro-virus, which mutates millions of humans all over the globe.

Orks, as they were then called, are around since about 50 years, and they are here to stay. The surge caused massive societal problems which caused ork-kind to usually bundle up in their own small sub-communities. Orks can be found mostly in the lower social classes and are experiencing strong racism wherever they go. There are about 15-20% orks globally.

Playing an ork means you’ll experience that oppression first hand, but you’ll also be part of a strong and loyal community of like-minded.


Racism, Identity and Heritage, Community

Costume Requirements

  • See our Orks Pinterest gallery for references.
  • Facial Mask (Mutations, Tusks, discoloration).


  • 2095 - The Surge - Global widespread mutations cause panic and an emergency state. They eventually realize that the new mutants seem to be fine, medically speaking.
  • 2105 - The Embrace - After a decade of insecurity about what was happening and more mutations, the mutans were recognized as new variant of human. They were still shunned and outcast though.
  • 2118 - Rise of KROR - Kror Page, a young mutant, releases a manifesto with an outline for a new culture, with a name for them - Orks. The basis for a new identity was formed and spread - it was a start, but the path is still long.

Example character outlines

  • The orkish security officer who tries to prove themselves to their peers while also continuously being confronted with the ork gang.
  • The old ork ganger who is still human inside and has never truly accepted themselves as an ork.
  • The Young ork who believes that ork-kind is the future and the next step in evolution.
  • The orkish sales clerk who desperately tries to proof that orks can be more than just street thugs.
  • The orkish Mafia Enforcer who swore their allegiance to the Family and is asked to do horrible things to their fellow orks.
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