The event location is the: Forum Bergheim-Reinhausen, Alfred-Hitz-Platz 5, 47228 Duisburg in Germany.

Run 03 (International) - 28th September - 01st October 2023
Run 04 (German) - 05th - 08th October 2023

You can arrive early Thursday evening from 17:00 to 00:00. Please purchase this beforehands, which will cost a a small contribution, covering accommodation and food.

The check-in is Friday from 10:00 till 12:00. Before the game begins we have mandatory workshops with all participants from 12:30 till around 18:00 pm.
The game will end Saturday evening with an afterparty.
Sunday morning you can travel home.

Food and Accomodation

The game is held in a decorated indoor event-location. You sleep offgame in insulated tents and "bunk beds" provided by us, outside the location.
You must bring your own sleeping gear.

Food will be vegetarian/vegan. Offgame there will be non-cyberpunk food, ingame food will be themed but of good quality and quantity. We will try our best to cater to any food allergies and restrictions you might have.

Soft drinks are included. There will be no alcohol allowed during the game.


Run3: The game language for Run3 is english. All documents, characters, written communication and the app will be in english.

Run4: The game language for Run3 is german. This only affects the spoken language during the game itself. All documents, characters, written communication and the app will be in english.

Amount of Players

We aim at 65 participants + a few NPC roles.


First registration will happen via a questionaire and is open from 21. Dec for 3 weeks. If there are more participants than player spots, we'll draw participants at random.


There are different ticket types available.

Player: 240€

Normal option to participate.

Supporter: 360€

Enables two subsidized tickets to happen.

Subsidized: 180€

Aimed to enable lower income players to attend.

Hero: 120€

You will either receive a character from a last minute dropout or a permanent NPC role in the game. (Decided in the days leading up to your run). Players who already played the game are preferred for this. There is a fixed, limited amount of Hero Tickets.

up to -50%

You can get a discount, when you are willing to stay one or two days before or after the event and help us construct or tidy and clean up the venue.

Before you by a ticket, please read our cancellation policy


Modern smartphone with WiFi capability and Greylight App installed / login to HTML5 website.

Some kind of cyberpunk costume.

Character type requirements:

- Ascended: Long ears and transparent UV line makeup. Optional: golden or siver headware.

- Mage: White UV line makeup.

- Rifter: Some kind of neon colored makeup. Optional: bodymodification or prosthetics.

- Android: Some kind of motionless face mask.

The World

Greylight 2142 is a live action game set in a cyberpunk world, where you will experience oppression, greed, ambition and loss. In this world, magic has awakened and is real.

The Prelude

The Prelude follows the story of city block GR-L8, called the Greylight district, a small part of a big megaplex. For the last 15 years, they’ve been administered by the city, a privatized entity who sprung out from the nation some time ago. Now the city is pushing out more and more districts, selling them to the highest bidder. Rumour has it that Greylight is next, and that there are currently talks with Megacorp for exactly that.


A cyberpunk, transhuman fantasy, in which technologies like Cyberware and Conciousness transfer are not fiction any more.

Human Types

Through the emergence of magic, new types of humans were created - the Rifters were an random emmergence, an accident, causing a global crisis, whereas the Ascended were made to be able to use magic and be perfect by the most wealthy individuals.


Magic has awakened in the world, giving those who are gifted unimaginable powers. Regulation of this has become key, making sure these gifts are only used by those who are wealthy enough to afford it.


Androids - mindless humanoid robots - started to become sentient in the awakening, causing questions about their rights and how they should be treated.

The Game

Greylight 2142 - The Prelude is a Fantasy Cyberpunk game with many modern larp influences. It migh also be a precursor for a much larger Greylight 2142 event happening in the next years. In The Prelude we are exploring a small part of this world - we will have all the systems and elements that a full game will have, and you'll experience a small bit of the world's history.

Read more in our design document

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what to play?

Character Types

You can choose from 5 different charakter types to play. Each charakter type comes wich certain requirements and themes.


about 70%

Short description

Humans make-up the majority of the population and can be found in all places where life can thrive. They can be found in all social classes with all kinds of alignments.


Humans don’t have special themes associated with them.

... more detailed information coming soon ...


about 2-3%

Short description

With “The Upturn”, magical power came into this world - some people were bestowed a large amount of power, no matter where they were from or what their place in the world was. They discovered their ability to manipulate this new fabric of reality. Their magic is ritualistic, following certain learned rules.

Usage of magic is highly controlled and every mage needs to be registered for all their capabilities.


Power, Responsibility, Exclusion

... more detailed information coming soon ...


about 15%

Short description

After an event called “The Rift”, a large amount of humans worldwide have developed neon spots on their face and hands. With these they can form a magical connection of emotions and thoughts. Ostracised and excluded for a long time out of fear, they became outcasts before being slowly integrated back into society.

Playing a Rifter means you’ll experience that oppression first hand, but you’ll also be part of a strong and loyal community of like-minded beings.


Discrimination, Identity, Community

... more detailed information coming soon ...


about 2-4%

Short description

“Ashen are not born - they are made” -- that is true - and usually there was a huge amount of credits involved. They call themselves the Ascended but are often refered to as Ashen. They are genetically engineered super-beings, all capable of wielding magic and all projecting an aura of presence and authority. That also makes them the most ruthless and arrogant capitalists in the world.

Playing an Ascended means you´ll be a figure of authority wherever you go. You’ll look down on everyone else, and always be involved in cutthroat interactions with other Ascended.


Hubris, Discrimination, Intrigue

... more detailed information coming soon ...


about 2-3%

Short description

Mass-produced as a cheap workforce, a small percentage of the robots have started to awaken, thinking for themselves and eventually getting at least very basic rights, though still being heavily oppressed

Playing an awakened android will be a very tough experience - you will be oppressed in a lot of ways, and will have to learn about the world around as well as within you.


Self-Discovery, Oppression, Belief

... more detailed information coming soon ...
where to play?


You can choose an affiliation of 9 different factions to play. Every faction has their very uniqe themes and requirements.



Short description

One of the largest corporations in the world, owning huge swaths of land and employing tens of thousands. Always looking to extend their influence.

Playing as part of Megacorp will put you into a high-competition intrigue surrounding. Like the big kraken, they have their fingers in every pie and know everything.


Power, Ambition, Intrigue

Read More

example character outline

The Ashen who tries to get out of the Greylight dump to move higher up into the Seattle HQ, stopping at nothing to put the spotlight on them.

The one who was a nobody and worked their ass off to be in a leading position within the corp - they look down on anyone not putting in the work required.

The Agent in another corp, who is being blackmailed with the lives of their family to keep working for Megacorp, but everything they do goes completely against their personal principles.

The Megacorp Employee whose consciousness was put into the body of someone working in another corporation -- they have to figure out their new life while being a mole for Megacorp.

The Contract Acquisition Agent who uses corporate assets to run their own shady business on the side.



Short description

The largest manufacturer and maintainer of electronics and androids. They are trying to control the spread of the android awakening.

Playing part of them puts you smack in the middle of all the issues regarding androids - maintenance technicians who directly work with them to suppress their development, internal investigators who try to find out if someone got too attached to the subjects, etc.


Suppress Development of others, Modern Slavery, Subversion

Read More

example character outline

Maintenance Technician who is a huge tech buff and who has recently been thinking more and more about how suppressing android awakening might be wrong.

Management role who has been overwritten and replaced by megacorp to serve as a mole within the corporation.

Security Officer who originally applied at Falcon Security but was rejected and now wants to show them what they are missing out on.

Internal Investigator who becomes too drunk on the power they possess and start abusing it.



Short description

They are a local, small corporation manufacturing mag-tech equipment and handling the consciousness transfers in the district.

As part of Everlife you will have to make a lot of very hard and complicated decisions - lately, business has not been running well and something needs to be done to secure the corporation's future. Where will you turn?


Responsibility, Moral, The Price of Progress

Read More

example character outline

The Assistant, who thinks the corporation should focus on its roots, where ethics where still something that was considered in the day-to-day business.

The Researcher, who wants to get behind the mysteries of magic, combining it with science and enhancing humankind.

The Transfer Technician who has lost their grasp on humanity and devolves into meaninglessness.



Short description

The people living in the Greylight district are the ones most affected by all the struggles. They have no power here - but they have each other.

Playing a citizen will mean that you are part of a community that is a playball of the big players - they don’t have a lot of control over their own life and every bit of control they have has to be earned. They will have a lot of dramatic play with each other - their focus are the personal stories and relationships with the others.


Ambition, Community, Survival

Read More

example character outline

Restaurant owner who knows they will lose their restaurant if they can’t make the next rent.

Teenager who has long dreamt of the freedom the outlaws in the gangs must enjoy, who tries everything to be part of them.

Mage who is keeping their powers a secret from everyone, as they know it will cause troubles for their family.

Depressed store intern who wants something bigger in life and tries to get out of this shithole.

Galen Medical

Street / Corporation

Short description

A small corporation which offers health services to rich and poor alike. “Humanity” is one of their founding pillars.

Being part of them, you’ll be someone who places their trust into higher ideals than themselves, you’ll be an optimist who thinks they can change the world to better. You might be a First Aid Officer, helping when the need is most dire, fulfilling emergency contracts (customers who activate emergency distress beacons) and making sure folks get the care they need or a doctor stationed in the HQ, who helps the poor and also the rich and famous.


Altruism, Care, “Defiance against the Status Quo”

Read More

example character outline

Nurse who has a drug addiction and has to decide between their addiction and the clients' health.

Doctor who knows how important keeping the paying clients happy is, but frequently has to defend that sentiment.

Nurse who gives out free help in their spare time to people on the street who would not be able to afford it.

The city administration


Short description

The city has been privatized 15 years ago - various administrators are in charge of holding up the organization of each district.

Playing an administrator will mean that you are in the thick of the struggle around the district - it will affect you personally the most and many people will look up to you to do something which you are not able to do.


Responsibility, Powerlessness, Community

Read More

Falcon Security

Corporation / Crime

Short description

Falcon provides A-Level security in the whole Greylight district. That is - for all areas they are paid to “protect”, or at least “squeeze offenders for their last credits”.

Playing a character in Falcon means you’ll be often out on the streets, patrolling and making sure everyone is safe - well, at least that everyone is punished properly. Falcon always has to strive a balance - push the street too hard and they’ll push back - push it too light and they’ll erupt.


(Ab)use of Power, Belonging, Despotism

Read More

example character outline

The Rifter street cop, who tries to outrun the prejudices cast upon them and become a respected member of the Force.

The naive dreamer who became part of Falcon because they believed they can be a force for good, who is now confronted with reality.

The detective who has done this job long enough to know that its a give and take, that sometimes one just has to look the other way.

The ambitious detective who abuses their power over others and makes sure those who “wrong” them end up on the wrong side of the law.

Street Gangs

Crime / Street

Short description

As part of one of the two street gangs, you’ll play those who are outside of society and live in their own dark corner of the district. Unwanted and feared by society at large, they still enact a certain attraction to a lot of the “normal” citizens of the district.

Their exclusion brings a strong community to them, and through shared experiences they have created their own street culture.


Discrimination, Camaraderie, Freedom

... more detailed information coming soon ...

example character outline

The young hotshot who wants to prove themself and will inevitably do something very stupid.

The old leader who has seen too much pain and suffering in their lifetime and wants to use their authority to convince their comrades of a peaceful future.

The new gang member who got in for their quick thinking and incredible strength, but often is excluded based on their past.

Chrome Marauders MC

Street / Crime / Biker Gang

Short description

The Bikers are notoriously anti-everything -- anti-magic, anti-Rifter, etc. They run a protection racket on the citizens but also operate a small workshop for cyberware maintenance.

Playing a biker will put a strong code at the centre of your being. You’ll be part of a war of ideologies that splits the group apart and your means of communication are usually physically in nature.


Discrimination, Old vs. New, Camaraderie

Read More

example character outline

The young prospect who tries to understand the struggle within the biker gang, and will be forced to take a side to become a full member.

The President who knows that eventually the old way will become the destruction of the gang, but also wants to uphold the core beliefs of the bikers.

The mechanic, who only wants to do their work and will become a puppet of other agents that want to take a look into the inner workings of the gang.


Larp Style


The game draws on many different themes - some of them from classical cyberpunk worlds, others from the unique issues that a sci-fi fantasy world brings.
Every group and character will have their own themes, but the main themes pervading the game are:
Discrimination, Oppression, Consequences


We take safety (physical & emotional) seriously. At the experience, there will be a dedicated offgame room as well as dedicated safety personel. For more information, look up our Code of Conduct.


Greylight 2142 - The Prelude is a modern German Larp. This means that we want to create a rich world with dense and interconnected stories, focussing on the society in the world we play in.


All characters in the game are pre-written and have a richly defined background and motivations, including their connections to others. All characters have a strong personal story.


The game will use some workshops before it starts to help convey the world, get into character and relay important meta-techniques. These workshops are mandatory for all participants.

Sex & Gender

We want a world where everyone can be badass. There are no clear roles or even rules for different genders and society has progressed to a point where what would be considered a liberal view nowadays is the norm. Therefore, your character's gender will pose no boundaries on how you express yourself in terms of costume.
Traditionally, classical Cyberpunk aesthetic is known for a hyper-sexualized aesthetic, especially of women. This is something we clearly do not want to be a theme at Greylight 2142. In our world, everyone can dress any way they want and nobody will interpret any sexual intention into it. Please consider this when putting together your costume - aim for expressing your style and identity, not at appearing hot. Furthermore - there is no defined beauty standard - everyone has their own style.

For more information, see Inclusivity

What We Aiming For

Live action games are always a collaboration between us, the designers/writers and you, the participants. Hence we want you to know what we aim for with this game, what kind of world you will help create.










struggling against an unchanging system


sexual assault

gender phobia

offgame discrimination

a game full of interesting, personal stories

experiences you will be able to share with others afterwards

a rich world, which deals with themes of responsibility, oppression and discrimination

taking down and reforming an oppressive system

a world where everything is black and white

clear sides, with a huge conflict between “good” and “evil”

stories which are about “winning” for the player
and for the characters

a game which is about gunslinging and massive shootouts


Here you will find more details about the world of Greylight.
What you need to know about technology & cyberware, how your bank account influences one's personal rights.

Please read the designpaper carefully before signing up to our LARP.

Sign Up

Sign up is closed.


The game is currently fully cast. There are over 100 people on he waiting list, therefore the waiting list is not open for additional signups.

If you want to get notified when spots become available, please subscribe to our mailing list.

Meet the Greylight Team

Here you can learn a bit about the people who created the Greylight 2142 - the Prelude live action game Run1 & Run2. These wonderful people worked for months and even years to ensure the project's success. If you hover over the images (PC) or tap them (mobile) you can learn a bit about them.

Kevin Blank

Kevin Blank

Design, Writing Kevin is one of the main organizers and head writer of Greylight 2142, which means he mostly does nothing and is impressed with the hard work everyone is doing. In real life he's a game designer, which is pretty much the same.
Armin Sass

Armin Saß

Design, Production, Media Armin is one of the main organizers and head builder of Greylight 2142. He is in deep love with a lasercutter, and tries to make pretty glowing things. In real life he's a 3D and Video Designer.

Susanne Evans

Organization, Logistics, Finances Susanne is one of the main organizers and lead in all management matters of Greylight 2142. She sees and knows everything and therefore has written notes about everyones quirks. In real life she's an organizer as well.

Hartmut Wächter

Logistics, Organization Hartmut is one of the main organizers and lead in all logistic matters of Greylight 2142. He literally has warehouses full of lights, media equipment and usefull and less usefull stuff. In real life he's an event organizer as well.


Crafter, Teamer, Planner, Social Media Support, Safety Steffi already worked in other projects and brings that experience with her. Steffi improvises. Steffi finds everything. And everyone. She also took care of emotional safety during the game.


Tech-Head, App Robin installed the network infrastructure, notebooks and terminals. He integrated the App UI and worked on the App frontend. He made sure everything worked during the event.


Writing, Safety Anita is a writer for the biker gang "Chrome Marauders" and Orc gang "Red Claws", and took care of emotional safety during the game.


Writing, Android Design Toji is responsible for anything related to Androids, creating their lore, appearance and behaviour.


Writing, Safety Ina is responsible for the design and writing of the Everlife faction and Orc gang "Iron Tusks". She has written many characters for other factions and took care of emotional safety during the game.


Writing, Media, Buildup Lara is writing characters for the citizen faction. She also creates digital and traditional artworks, like the Elf-Oil Painting, the Greylight Poster and some of the graffiti. She managed the location buildup and some faction spaces.


Writing Kisa is one of the Designers for everything related to Elves & Magic, as well as for some of the Corps.


Writing Michael is the lead Game Designer for the Corporations, and one of the Designers for Elves & Magic.


Writing Sebi is writing characters for the Iagatomi faction.


Writing Tobi kept the writing process organized and structured. He also had some time left to write characters for the citizens factions.


Writing Volker Gerstorfer is the Designer of the Iagatomi Corporation, and also writes characters for this faction.


Building Andreas has excellent knowledge and practical advice on how to build things way less complicated. In his basement, he build every androids nightmare, the Iagatomi android maintainance chair, and he also worked on the consciousness transfer crystals.


Organization, Production, Management Alexander is managing parts of the production workflow. In real life he is a project manager, an exceptionaly nice person and has a lot of patience.


Building, Weapons Alexander ist Greyligts master gunbuilder/gunsmith. He probably disassembled, painted and rebuilt every gun 6 Times.


Builder, Electronics, Programming Nikola is creating electronic contraptions and software to let you interact with things that feel your presence.


Building Christian created many of the mobile Props, including the Falcon Security scanner, tech for the Cat-in-a-Jar, Iagatomi android tasers and the Galen Medical nanotech healing Gun. He also helped with the buildup and finishing of the Android chair.


Building Afra was responsible for the Red Claw faction space, built the Cat-in-a-Jar, Iagatomi celing art and some android masks.


Building Sven build the consciousness transfer crystals and Cat-in-a-Jar.


Building, Graffiti Carsten build the Iron Tusks throne and created many of the big graffiti in the location.


Building Arnd did a huge chunk of the location buildup and was especially responsible for the Chrome Marauders workshop.


Building Vik is creating cyberware and organic looking cyber-living props. They helped creating wall-art and the concept for the Ork-chains.


Building Pauline worked on costumes and building up the location.


Building Julia worked on costumes and building up the CandyCorner.


Building Gina worked on costumes and planning & building up the Chrome Marauders Biker Bar.


Building Afruz worked on costumes and planning & building up the Chrome Marauders Biker Bar. She also helped with the design for workshops and briefings.


The App Andreas created the core of Greylight App with all the backend capabilities. He tirelessly implemented to all the last minute changes and fixed many problems remotely.


Network specalist Josch created the network infrastructure and worked on an RFID access system.


Graphics, Logos Matthias created most of the faction logo designs, color themes as well as many of the ingame Posters.


Media & Music Nik creates Video and Sounds, is responsible for the trailer editing and audio design as well as the Greylight theme song.
Jan Philip Rinck

Jan Philip

Builder, Support Jan is a John-Steam in every alleyway. He can do nothing specific and everything a little bit. Even german puns which kind of don't work in english. Chocolate or Crystal anyone?


Support Sjut proof reads and lectores some of the documents. His sense of humor in the comments is hilarious.


Safety Silke took care of emotional safety during the game.

Extended team and helpers

Many more amazing people helped us to create Greylight 2142 - directly before, during and after the game.

Faction interior design

Andreas von Knobloch
Christina Klages
Christian Hellinger
Mirko Sager

Location buildup

Daniel Holtschneider

Mel Strunk
Constantin Bär
Ranus Magnus
Daniel 2
Jörg (Graffiti artist)
Christina Klages
Christian Hellinger
Andreas von Knobloch

Runtime support

Jessi Jüngel
Mike Segner
Christina Klages
Birgit Wächter
Constantin Bär

Helper & former team

Eva Leidecker (former core team - organization & communication)
Yvonne (former core team - organization & interior design)
Jürgen Evans (Arduino Support)
Carmilla (original app work)
Devin (Writing)

External helpers

Hagen Hoppe (Photography)
Patrick Waldmann (Videography)
Axel Mayer (Printing Materials)